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Proudly Serving Maine's Veterans and Their Families since 1983


Why Select Maine Veterans' Home

Stipend – Unique in Maine to MVH: Qualified veterans may be eligible to receive a Stipend.  The current Stipend rates are $102.38 per day for nursing home care and $44.19 per day for residential care.  Needless to say, this enables veterans and their families to save significantly.  Read More

Quality of Care – State-of-the Art Facilities & Extraordinary Staff:  MVH works closely with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to ensure the six MVH facilities are constantly updated to provide the best care for veterans and their spouses.  The MVH staff understands and respects the sacrifices veterans have made and “caring for those who served” is our mission, something only experienced in Maine at MVH.


  • Served in the US Armed Forces for one or more days on active duty other than for training purposes.  National Guard and Reserve components may be eligible.
  • Discharged under honorable conditions
  • Maine residents at time of entry into the US Armed Forces or who are residents of Maine at time of application to MVH
  • Spouses, widows or widowers, and gold star parents of eligible veterans


From our Veterans and Their Families

I will never forget the professional thoughtful and caring help you all gave to my husband and to me. Bless you all.

My husband was a resident for the last months of his life. I am so appreciative of the love and care he received. The professionalism, warmth and security I felt everyday when I visited was clearly visible and carried over to the people in their care.

Thank you for your kindness and compassion as you cared day in and day out for my dad, and welcomed my mom as part of your extended family.

Stories From MVH