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Proudly Serving Maine's Veterans and Their Families since 1983


Who can come to a Maine Veterans' Home?

  • Honorably discharged veterans who entered the service from Maine or currently reside in Maine (both wartime & peacetime)
  • Spouses, widows and widowers of qualified veterans
  • Gold star parents (a parent whose son or daughter died from wounds received in combat)

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Maine Veterans Home is part of Togus, right?

MVH is a separate organization from Togus VA Medical Center. People often are confused because Maine Veterans' Homes and Togus both take care of veterans. Maine Veterans' Homes is a public, not-for-profit organization created by the people of Maine through the State legislature. A Board of Trustees comprised of wartime veterans governs Maine Veterans' Homes.

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Who pays for my care at Maine Veterans Homes?

We accept the same payment sources as other nursing homes:

  • MaineCare
  • Medicare
  • Private payment
  • Long-term care and other insurances

Veterans receive a special financial benefit available only at Maine Veterans Homes. Nursing home residents earn over $100 per day (currently $100.37) and residential care residents earn over $43 per day (currently $43.32) to help with their cost of care or for personal expenses. This benefit applies only to the veteran.

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Why isn't the care free?

Care is not free because we are not a government agency and do not receive State or Federal funding, except for the stipend provided by the VA. Payment sources are necessary in order for Maine Veterans' Homes to continue operating.

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How do I go about getting into Maine Veterans Homes?

When you feel you or your loved one needs services, either because you are in the hospital and need additional care after discharge or because you can no longer care for yourself or your loved one at home, call the Maine Veterans' Home nearest you. The Admissions Coordinator will talk with you to help you determine the kind of care needed. The Admissions Coordinator may come to your home or hospital to meet with you, your family and any caregivers to assist with arrangements for admission to Maine Veterans Homes or you may make an appointment to meet with the Admissions Coordinator at the facility to discuss your options.

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What kind of services do you provide at Maine Veterans' Homes?

We provide long-term care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation, Alzheimer's/dementia care, and residential care. Residential care for those in the early stages of dementia is provided by the Augusta, Bangor, Scarborough, Machias and Caribou facilities. The South Paris facility provides residential (or boarding home) care to those who may live in a more independent environment.

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How is Maine Veterans' Homes different from other nursing homes?

Because we care for veterans and their families, we are very skilled in dealing with veterans' issues. We also screen all veterans on admission to determine if they are eligible for additional veterans' benefits. Wartime veterans who receive nursing home care are eligible for over $100 per day from the VA and veterans who receive residential care are eligible for over $43 per day from the VA. This is a benefit only available at the Maine Veterans' Homes facilities. We are VA licensed as well as State licensed, and VA standards are higher than State standards. We have higher staff to patient ratios, larger rooms and more space overall than most nursing homes. Veterans groups are very active at our home's. They volunteer, visit with individual residents and provide financial support for many special programs. Because we have a specific mission to "caring for those who served", we go the extra mile to ensure that our residents have everything they need for the highest possible quality of life.

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What kind of rehabilitation services do you offer?

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Interdisciplinary team conferences to review and tailor each resident's individual treatment plan
  • Comprehensive discharge planning, including home assessments for home modification and equipment recommendation when needed
  • Family training and support

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What if my doctor doesn't come to Maine Veterans' Homes?

We will assist you to obtain medical coverage. In many instances, our medical directors are available to provide medical care.

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How does Medicare work?

Medicare covers most people who are over 65 or medically disabled and require skilled care, and who have spent at least 3 nights in the hospital.

Medicare pays for up to 100 days per spell of illness as long as the person meets the medical requirements for skilled care.

Medicare pays 100% of the costs for the first 20 days, per spell of illness. A Medicare co-payment is charged for days 21-100. People often have a private insurance companion plan (Medi-gap policy), or MaineCare that covers the co-payment.

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How does MaineCare work?

MaineCare is a State program for people who have a low income and cannot afford to pay for nursing home or residential care. The majority of people in Maine receiving long term care in a nursing home rely on MaineCare for financial assistance at some point.

The applicant must meet financial and medical criteria established by the State. MVH staff can assist you to apply for MaineCare and help you arrange for a medical assessment by Goold Health Systems to determine if you meet the medical criteria for admission to a nursing home.

While on MaineCare, the resident may be required to pay a portion of his or her monthly income to the Home. This fee is called a "Cost of Care" and is determined by the Department of Health and Human Services, from information obtained during the MaineCare application process. Contact the Department of Health and Human Services office closest to you for more detailed information.

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Miscellaneous Information

There are six Maine Veteran's Homes in the state of Maine:

Augusta 150 Beds
Bangor 150 Beds
Caribou 70 Beds
Machias 30 Beds (30 residential care beds)
Scarborough 150 Beds
South Paris 90 Beds (includes 28 residential care beds)

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Home-style cooked meals - minimum use of packaged foods, many special meal-related events. Ample portions are provided and all special dietary needs can be met.

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Excellent activities programs - cater to the interests of the veteran. Many special events are offered including musical programs, sing-alongs, family-style meals, movies/programs on large-screen television, games such as Pokeno and Beano, gardening activities, woodcrafts and, most recently, computer access for games, research and e-mail at many sites. Pet therapy is provided with many staff and family members bringing in pets to visit on a daily basis.

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Spiritual needs of resident are met - local churches of varying denominations provide Sunday morning services, a mid-week Bible study and communion services. MVH holds regularly scheduled memorial services to acknowledge and celebrate the lives of our resident who have recently died.

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