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Proudly Serving Maine's Veterans and Their Families since 1983

Eligibility Requirements

Download Maine Veterans' Homes Admission Application

Must be an honorably discharged veteran who was a resident of Maine at the time of entry into the United States Armed Forces or a resident of Maine at the time of application.

Must have served one or more days on active duty of federal service, other than for training purposes in the United States Armed Forces, including the Reserve and National Guard components.

May be a surviving spouse or Gold Star Parent of an eligible veteran, provided that suitable facilities and capacity are available.

Applicants must meet State and Federal medical criteria and related requirements at the time of admission. MVH will determine whether or not there are available sufficient and appropriate resources to care for the applicant.

Priority for Admission:

Veterans will receive priority for admission over non-veterans (i.e., eligible spouse, widow, widower, or Gold Star Parent).

Limit on Non-Veterans

No more than 25% of the nursing home or residential care residents may be non-veterans.

Medicare Skilled Admissions

Applications will be reviewed for Medicare skilled eligibility, utilizing criteria established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. All residents deemed not eligible for the Skilled Medicare Benefit will be given a Notice of Non-Coverage

Open Admission Policy Statement

Maine Veterans' Homes and its affiliates will admit, refer, and treat all residents and visitors without regard to race, color, or national origin, or political, religious, or fraternal preference or opinions, gender, sexual preference, age, or payment source.


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